Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My New Baby Computer

I'd like to introduce you to my new gadget.  He is an Asus Eee PC Netbook and his name is George.  I name everything, remember?

But Anna, don't you and Trent already have a nice HP laptop?   We have an HP laptop, that part is correct. And it does indeed look very spiffy and nice.  But it has been a pain in the booty since we got it.  If we run Windows on it, it often randomly freezes for about a minute, especially when I would try to upload photos to anywhere.  Trent exhausted his ideas for trying to fix it and Best Buy told us we couldn't swap it out, so my techy husband set it up to dual boot. Now we can run Ubuntu on it as well as Windows.  Blah blah blah tech language...the point is it made the freezing go away.  But it still gives me an error of death when I try to upload photos.

Our HP laptop hates photos.
Anna Pie loves photos.
Therefore, Anna Pie hates our HP laptop.

Ok, maybe that isn't correct logic, but you get the point.  It was time for a change and it was time for a splurge (gasp!).  So my techy husband set up searches on Ebay and found George for $113.  (In their short prime, Netbooks retailed for at least $250.)   These things are itty bitty laptops that were in stores for only a short while and are nowhere to be found anymore besides the internet.   Tablets have taken over.  But I already have a tablet and I wanted a working laptop, with an actual keyboard and screen and mouse.  And I wanted an itty bitty one.  10.1 inches to be exact.

I'm in love with George.  Wait, no, that's not right...I'm in love with Trent.  But I reeeeeally like my new baby computer.  It's so small, lightweight, portable and handy.  I could even put it in my purse!  Perfect for blogging or picture posting or budget spreadsheet tweaking or autobiography-for-foster-care writing at a coffee shop or at the kitchen table or in bed or in the car or...

I'm a girl on the move and my new baby computer can move right along with me as I try to capture memories and tidbits of life wisdom.

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