Saturday, December 15, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

We have gotten a lot of encouraging words from some of y'all on facebook and in real life about our recent developments in the foster care world, aka, our agency's Waco office closing down.  My mom's jaw dropped when we filled my family in last night and she said "but I have a whole lot more kid books on hand!" I assured her they will still be able to be used and loved.

I just wanted to post a quick blurb before heading out to the ranch for Sauer Christmas and say that I think we are done with freaking out, some of which did happen. And though we are still indeed pretty frustrated at having to back track, we're ready to figure out how to move forward and indeed we are moving forward.  This is a setback but it is by no means squishing our plans to become foster parents.  We really feel like this is something we are supposed to do.

We'll see what we learn and figure out in the next couple weeks.  Our eyes and ears are open to see what path we are supposed to take.  Another agency?  Work directly with DFPS?  Some different version of caring for children in need of a safe home and family?  We'll see what God has in store and we'd appreciate your prayers as we learn and discern.

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