Sunday, December 2, 2012

Money Saver - Drink Water

I've got a really, really easy money saver for you today: when you go out to eat, order water.   

I have really gotten in the habit of this over the past couple years as we have been trying to control spending and knock down debt and it's basically a no brainer for me these days.  Now, if we're grabbing something quick and a drink is part of a combo deal, I'll go for a Coke or Sprite.  Or if we go somewhere that has irresistible tea like McAlister's, then I will order it (unsweet and put Splenda in it...their sweet tea is over 300 calories a glass!).  But for the most part, my drink order is "I'll just have water please."    Not only is it healthier than soda or sweet tea, but the savings add up. 

Assume you had the opportunity to choose water over another drink about three times a week.  That's probably a reasonable average: Sunday lunch after church, a busy evening with no time to make dinner, and a date night out.  Honestly, a lot of folks out there could probably up this to four, including us. 

Assume a drink at a restaurant averages to about $2.00 each among various restaurants.

$2 per drink x 3 per week x 52 weeks = $312 per year

If we wanted to get real technical, we could factor in the fact that you probably paid a tip on most of those drinks too...but I think I've sufficiently made my point already.

Makes you think about that measly 2 bucks a little differently when you look at it over a year huh?

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