Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Men: Are You A Good Man?

Dear Men,

As usual with these "dear men" letters, I have a story or two, then something important I want you to think about.

A few Sundays ago I got to my Sunday school classroom early, in order to have time to eat my donut and drink my chocolate milk before class started.  My teacher, Tony, was already in there, finishing up preparing the lesson.

"Morning Anna.  How's Trent?  I saw his car up there but haven't seen him around here yet today."

"He gets here early then takes the church van to pick up some of our kids that don't have rides."

"Trent's a good man...I hope when I die, people will say I was a good man."

Fast forward a few days to Christmas with Trent's family.   At one point I heard Trent's mom, Grander, talking to her two year old grandson, Asher, while she was changing his diaper.  It went something like this:

"You know what Asher Boy?  Your daddy is a good man...

...and your Poppa is a good man...

...and your Uncle Trent is a good man...

...and you know what we hope you grow up to be?  A good man."

Asher echoed "A good mee-an."

This little exchange warmed my heart.  Our sweet nephew already has lots of good men pouring into his life, being an example for him, teaching him how to grow up and be a good man himself.  And he's only two years old.  Just think of all the lessons and experiences and memories still ahead of him with all the good men in his life.

So men, here is my important question for you to think about:  Are you a good man?

Do you show love and respect to your family?
Are you an example of responsibility, hard work, and perseverance?
Do your actions portray goodness, kindness and ethics?
Are you committed to your faith and to your Lord?
Do you make time for slides and dump trucks and legos?
Are you aware of the little eyes and hearts that may be looking up to you, searching for what it means to be a good man?

Blessed to have many good men in my life

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