Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank God For Clutter

I posted a status on Facebook this past Saturday that said:

Today, Trent and I are decluttering our house with reckless abandon.  Our belongings should await their fate with fear and trembling.

We came up with this:

And that does not include the giant pile of tools and random workshop stuff that Trent has sitting out in our shed that is ready to go too.  These piles are headed to the youth garage sale fundraiser at our church (8:00-2:00 on Jan 19th for you locals).  Most of this stuff survived our giant purge when we moved into this house.  Most of this stuff survived the garage sale I had in 2010.  Well, it didn't survive this declutter tornado.  Watch out.

As part of our bedtime prayer that night, I said "Thank you God for blessing us with enough belongings that we are actually able to come up with piles of stuff to get rid of."   In a nutshell, thank God for our clutter.  It's a sign that we are blessed with everything we need and then some.

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