Friday, January 4, 2013

Vacation Money Saver - Go To The Beach In The Winter

As I mentioned in this post, Trent and I dropped off the earth for a few days of vacation in Galveston over New Year's Eve. It was a great time together and, gasp, I didn't even take a single picture to share here. But I wanted to share with you guys one way we save money on vacations or getaway trips.

We go to the beach in the winter.

This is the second time we have gone to Galveston together for a vacation and not a mission trip.  The other time was November of 2011.  It was then that we discovered how CHEAP it is to stay in a beach town in the winter.   They practically beg you to come stay at their hotels during the off season.

Example:  For this New Year's trip, we stayed at a Travelodge hotel.  Not the swankiest of hotel chains, I agree, but hold on.  This hotel was very nice, had a microwave, mini fridge, desk, sofa, free wifi, free breakfast including make-your-own Texas shaped waffles and, the kicker, was a half a block from the ocean.  Cost per night in January: $36.   

Ok, now for all you beach bums out there that are yelling at your computer screen:  "But Anna, if you go to the beach in the winter you can't swim in the ocean, or lay out on the beach and get a tan!"    That's fine with us.  In the winter you can still take a nice stroll on the beach and see a beautiful sunset on the horizon.  All the restaurants will still serve yummy food and drinks.  Meanwhile you won't have to hunt for parking or wait for a table.

So, you beach bums can go in the summer and fight crowds, nurse a sunburn and get sand where it doesn't belong.  You can also stay in the same Travelodge hotel we stayed in! Cost per night in July: $149.

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