Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Things You Don't Know About Anna Pie

Sometimes I blog instead of clean my house.

I have lots of interior design and decorating ideas.  I just don't have the time or money or know-how to tackle them.

I usually have 23 to 30 blog post drafts started at any given time and wonder if I will ever get them all written.

I didn't order a big bridal portrait to frame in our hallway until we had been married for 3 years. It made me feel vain to order it then.

I think bubble baths are a waste of time.  I take one about twice a year because it's supposed to be a pampering, relaxing thing and I figure maybe I should give it another try, but after a few minutes I realize my neck hurts, the half of me outside the water is cold and I'm bored.

I am obsessed with our personal debt reduction plan and my obsession has paid off big time.

Someday I want a yellow kitchen.  Not the faded yellow wallpaper we currently have, but nice bright painted yellow.

I am terrible at mental math like calculating a tip.  Terrible.

I love my little kitty cat so, so much.  Recently I couldn't find her in the house for a long time and I was so scared that she had gotten out, I was sobbing.

I think throw pillows are stupid.

If you come to our house and see closed doors to some rooms, it's partly because we don't want the pets in there but mostly because those rooms are probably a mess.

Sometimes I lay awake at night composing blog posts in my head.

If I look at the time on an analog clock or watch, it sticks with me, but if I look at a digital clock or watch, I immediately forget what I saw and have to look at the time again.

I would usually much rather spend an evening at home with my husband than a night out with anyone else.  No offense.

I miss our motorcycle.  I really liked being a biker babe.

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