Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Are You Starting To Feel Like A Church Camp Widow?"

Trent and I were some of the last folks to leave the church building this morning and as we stood by his motorcycle trying to decide where to go for a quick lunch date before he left for Chi Rho camp, our senior minister hollered some well wishes for a good week to Trent across the parking lot then asked me "Are you starting to feel like a church camp widow?"  I laughed and replied that yeah, I kinda am, but it's alright because this is the last week.  We are in the home stretch!

I've worried a bit this month that I haven't been blogging enough, that what I have actually managed to post didn't have much meat to it, etc.  But I've decided, now that there is only one week left of this month anyway, not to worry about it.

I just haven't wanted to.  I haven't had anything to write about.  Honestly life becomes pretty boring without Trent here.  I cook pasta, clean the house, cry sometimes, and text Trent a lot, even though I know he can't respond very often. I tolerate the dog's craziness a little more than usual because I'm pretty sure she misses Trent too.  I get a little sad when a motorcycle rides by our house and Lucy springs to attention and trots to the back door, waiting for daddy.  I start to sleep diagonally and grab guest room pillows to make a barricade so I don't get in the habit of hogging the whole bed. I turn inward a bit, journal some, become very aware of the quiet, and turn on some praise tunes to fill it, in an attempt to at least feel like Jesus is hanging out with me.  It usually works.  I paint my nails and pray for my husband, that he has fun and gets enough sleep, that the bugs don't bite and his allergies don't flare up, that he can show love to the kids at camp who are each a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God.  

I miss my husband and it stinks that these three weeks were concentrated into one month.  But honestly I'm honored to be in the position of missing my husband if it means some sweet Bastrop families received help rebuilding their burned homes, if a bunch of freshmen received a call at Niners camp to live a life of ministry no matter what they choose as a profession and if a group of middle schoolers receive love and friendship and fun this week from adults who care about them and want to see them grow to love God.   That makes this worth it...

...but I'm still counting down the days until Saturday.  

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