Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh Em Gee, I Luv My Girls

Last Sunday I was fighting tears as I drove to church.  One of "my" girls was getting baptized that morning.  Sweet lil Starla was going to get up in front of the whole church and acknowledge through baptism her faith is Jesus as her savior.  I was excited, proud, contemplative and most of all, joyful.

My girls bring me so much joy.   Ok, sometimes they bring me a little heartache and worry, but mostly it is joy, joy, joy.  They are beautiful, talented, smart, funny and friendly.  They are human, imperfect, in need of God's love and grace, just like we all are.   They've made mistakes but they've had big successes too.  They've been rockstars at tackling life and they've also had struggles.  They've been troublemakers and they've been peacemakers.   They are forever learning, growing, loving and smiling.  

See for yourself.  Take a look at the smiles, the laughs, the fun and the joy that I have the privilege of knowing:

With Shelbi and Carlie on Easter Sunday

Ally on mission trip last summer

Lauren being a rockstar at her dance recital
(I stole this pic from facebook since I didn't take any)

Savannah, Carlie and Steph, sleepover at my house last year

Starla getting baptized

With Steph and Starla after Starla got baptized

Visiting Steph on her break at her JOB, while we were TV hunting

To all my girls, thanks for bringing so much joy to my life.  Luv you all!

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