Saturday, June 16, 2012

What I Did While Trent Was Directing Niners Camp

I get my husband back this afternoon after week #2 of him being gone.  He has been at church camp in  Athens, Tx co-directing Niners camp this past week.  I'm really proud of him!  I've had an alright week at home by myself.

I worked on Operation Deep Clean 2012.

I hurt my thumb while working on Operation Deep Clean.

I found a GIANT, super awesome moth under our porch roof while working on an outdoor portion of Operation Deep Clean.

I watched our beloved Baylor Bears tragically lose two baseball games, blowing their spot in the College World Series...

I cried...when Trent left, when I hurt my thumb, when the Bears lost, lots of other times...

I worried.   What if I have a flat tire?  What if someone tries to get into our house?  What if Lucy gets out and I can't find her?

I ate a lot of pasta

I watched another chick flick at home and one in the theater with Steph H.

(No we are not expecting)

I talked to myself.  Really.  I pretty quickly got tired of the quiet and there is only so much you can say to a dog and a cat.   So I just converted my thoughts into speaking pretty much.   Yeah, I know, I'm losing it.  SO glad Trent is coming home today.  You have no idea.  This time he is home for a whole week until he leaves again for Chi Rho camp.    Whoop whoop!

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