Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I Did While Trent Was On Mission Trip

I didn't really blog this past week (other than pulling this flashback from my set of pre-fab posts that are ready to go for times just like this week) because Trent was gone for the youth mission trip and I kind of hibernate a bit when he is gone.  It crossed my mind a few times to blog something but I just wasn't feelin' it.   Didn't have a post planned like last year about my YM hubby being gone in the summer for mission trip and camps.   But here I am.  Maybe I'll post more this week than last week.

The mission trip group was commissioned and prayed for last Sunday at church before heading to Bastrop, TX, to help with remaining cleanup from the wildfires last summer.

Then we packed Trent Sunday night and he headed off for the week.  My cat baby didn't want him to go...

I earned "coolest wife ever" points by using Trent's remaining regional tournament ticket and going to the Baylor baseball game, even though he wasn't with me.  I got some sun, a snow cone, and some exciting baseball, meanwhile reporting the happenings of the game to Trent via text.   Baylor advanced to the super regional tourny which they are hosting right now. If they win the game today they are headed to Omaha!  Sic em Bears! 

Tuesday evening I got groceries, including a ton of junk food because I am a mess when Trent is gone, took our hound dawg for a w.a.l.k. then...mowed the yard in the dark.  Yeah, I do strange things when Trent is gone.  Pretty sure God helped me get the mower started.   Or maybe I don't know my own strength. 

Wednesday equaled spaghetti and a chick flick.

Then I continued my yard work kick Thursday after a storm the night before cooled things off.  I trimmed up our front tree that had grown some low hanging limbs. We can see across the street now and you don't have to duck when approaching our house!  Pretty sure I looked pretty dumb jumping up and down hacking at the little limbs with clippers.  And of course that is exactly when our sweet old neighbor Paul decided to come outside and put their trash can on the curb...

Did some trimming of shrubbery, pulling of weeds and scooping of leaves.  Also some freaking out and killing of wasps that were residing under the handle of our yard waste container.   Can't believe I didn't get stung. Pretty sure God helped me with that too, as well as the mower.

Trent got home Friday evening and was home for a whole day before heading out for Niners camp this afternoon.   We crammed in brunch with some friends, my company picnic, a lovely nap, the first Baylor super regional game on tv, a dinner date to Red Lobster, a trip to Walmart to buy about 40 bandannas for camp and a trip to Academy to look at tents.  We have decided to take up camping.  :-)

So Trent is gone for camp #1 of this month.  He'll be home next week then head to camp #2 after that.   Here's my plan for this week:  Operation Deep Clean 2012.  

Get excited.  Don't worry, I have hijacked our Netflix queue with chick flicks and already have my next dvd waiting on top of the tv:

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