Monday, June 25, 2012

Driveway Remodel

The good news is, my car will be paid off next month.  (Yesssssssssssss)  The bad news is, it needs a new brake caliper and a new O-2 sensor.  (Boooooo)  Trent is pretty sure he can fix both, but he is gone to camp for a week.  Considering you can smell burnt brake caliper after my lil car has been driving a while and has been a little jerky when shifting gears, it's me and the truck this week. 

But there was a bit of a problem.  Here is how our driveway normally looks:

You can't really tell from this picture, but it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get the truck out of that corner without swiping the fence (to the left of the truck), the motorcycle, or the corner of my car.   Well, Trent can whip in and out of there easy peasy but I'm not so good at it.   Plus it was proving somewhat difficult to make it up and down this hill in high heels:

Not to mention the grass burs I have found on my pants hem upon arriving at the office.  So.  I did a little DIY driveway remodel.

Ok, fine, all I did was stick the truck in the street for a bit, baby my car into the truck's normal spot (where it looks really tiny), and move the truck into my car's spot (where it looks really giant).   No, I did not attempt to move the motorcycle.  I don't think Snowball would like that.

Anyway, now I can whip in and out of our driveway without a worry in the world.  Much better.

P.S. I find it amusing that Trent's "watch for motorcycles" bumper sticker (shown above) has a big gash through it from a car running into it.  I guess someone wasn't watching for motorcycles OR red trucks...

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