Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flashback to College - Piñata Therapy

Once upon a time, I went to college.  And it was kind of scary at first.  I was 17, shy, from a little town, and had never had my heart broken.  I still claim that I have never had my heart broken, since I met my handsome prince at age 18, but I came pretty close in between.  Seven and a half years later, the hurt is long gone and if I had had the confidence then that I do now I would have said "You're a jerk, bye", but at the time...it huuuuuurt.  And not just me!  He hurt me and Rach pretty much simultaneously (see? jerk) and then proceeded to hurt Sarah (college friend, not my sister).   We all survived, ditched him, ditched the rifts he had put between us girls, and Rach, Sarah and I ended up living together junior year, along with Steph, who was a listening ear, confidante and adviser to each of us in different ways during the stupid mess. (Also provider of walls to paint while spilling the whole story).

To protect the innocent not-so-innocent, we'll call the almost breaker of my heart..."George".

Sometime during that year we ended up with a piñata in our apartment.  I don't know who bought it, if it just showed up (piñatas randomly showed up on multiple occasions there...) or if it was bought for this specific purpose.  But we put it to good use.  Actually we put it to terrible use if you look at this episode from the "love your enemies and pray for those who almost break your heart" standpoint.  Fail.  But let's just not look at it from that standpoint.  We didn't back then.  We had a lovely evening of piñata therapy.

We named the piñata...George. 

Sarah, Me, Rach and "George"...what was left of him...

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