Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Red Folder

We received all our foster care verification paperwork in a regular red folder from the Bair Foundation.  All the papers were oh so conveniently hole punched already so I quickly transferred them to a three ring binder leftover from my CPA study days.  So everything is nicely stored in there now, but that red folder has stuck around.

This folder has become the spot for the current paperwork items we are working on.   Each week we pull out the one, two, or three (if we are feeling adventurous) items that we have decided to tackle that week and put those pages in the red folder.  If additional support is needed, it goes in the red folder too once it is gathered, printed or copied.  Examples for this week: driver's licenses, auto insurance, marriage license, our past five years of tax returns, etc.  This stuff hangs out in here until we have completed those few items and they are ready to be dropped off at the Bair office.

We have only made one trip to the Bair office so far to drop anything off. We made a lunch date out of it and ate lunch near the Bair office, then went to turn in our Criminal Record Check form and initial application to Betty, the sweet grandma secretary lady there who knows more about all this than some social workers do.  This next one will be a doozy trip though and we'll be able to check several items off our list that took a bit of digging and printing and a few trips to Kwiker Sticker and O'Reilly's to get our ole truck to actually pass inspection...

So, it's just a red folder.  But it is an important red folder.  If you see it at our house with papers in it or see one of us toting it around, that means things are movin' right along.

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