Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Goin' Through The Big D And Do Mean Dallas

Lunch break blog post!

I'm headed to Dallas for a few days for a continuing professional education seminar on interstate taxation.  That may sound like death to you but I am actually rather excited about the knowledge I am soon to glean. Don't judge.  I'm also excited because I get to go with a girl coworker this year.  All my previous Dallas CPE trips happened to have been with boy coworkers.  This time, Kristin and I are going to hit up the Galleria, the Cheesecake Factory...the Galleria again...   Plus I get to see Steph one of the evenings, as is our tradition when I make my annual trek up to her big city.  You remember Steph.   College roomie, my MOH, her life task is to remind me to eat and breathe, and we have conversations like this:

Steph: I'm more worried about the logistics of moving than selling it right now.
Me: Want me to come help?  I will be husbandless for the next three weekends...I can stand there and make you pack like I did for Rach in 2008.
Steph: Naw. Packing is my superpower, remember?
Me: I thought showering was...
Steph: That too.
Me: You have TWO?  Not fair.
Steph: I'm sorry?
Me: I guess if you are the one who assigns them then you can give yourself two.
Steph: I thought you had multiple too.
Me: Sleeping...that's all that I am aware of.
Steph: And taxes.
Me: That has been my superpower this whole time??  Gee, thanks for just now telling me.  I coulda made partner by now.
Steph: I didn't want you abusing it.
Me: Because I'm so into trampling people to get to the top.
Steph: That's only because I didn't tell you all of your superpowers. You're welcome.

We are awesome.  Nuff said.

So I'll be on a blogging hiatus for a few days while I fill my brain with info on nexus, unitary business groups and apportionment factors...  Bye bye.

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