Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sometimes Having A Blog Is Weird

I really love having a blog.  It is a great way for loved ones to keep up with our life.  I so enjoy the planning, brainstorming and actual writing.  There are times when I'm sitting with the laptop and Trent asks me why I'm giggling to myself and I throw my hands onto my hips and squeal "I'm being funny!" which means I've come up with what I at least think is an entertaining paragraph or post.

But there are some times when having a blog is weird...

When I pass by one of my bosses at my professional office and he says "I enjoy reading your blog", then I realize the most recent post he could have seen was this one which showed me dressed up as a punk teenager headed to a themed birthday party with blue hair and fake tattoos.

When I write a post about my red high heels and then every time I actually wear my red high heels everybody comments on them as if they are famous.  They're just shoes.  They are fabulous shoes.  But they are just shoes.

When I post my new year's resolution at the beginning of the year and then sadly realize months later that I'm not going to have much success to post about at the close of the year.

When I post witty instructions about the proper attire for a youth lock-in and then later wonder if it was appropriate to talk about sports bras on my blog.

When I find myself feeling the need to take pictures of totally random things as I live life that I otherwise would never take a picture of.  But there's a chance it could end up in a blog post or even a plan already hatched for it to end up in a blog post.  Sometimes Trent says I get too wrapped up with taking pictures in order to preserve memories that I don't actually make the memories.  Hmm. 

When I look at my page view stats and see that a post about Pinterest got 30 views and a post about my favorite scripture got...6.   Priorities I guess...

When I post some of the biggest news of our life thus far and then I stop and truly realize the huge number of people that suddenly are getting an inside look into one of the most exciting and most frightening times in our life.

Oh well.  I'm not going anywhere.

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