Friday, November 16, 2012

Good And Bad Locations For Crying

Good locations for crying:

The shower - tears wash right down the drain and showers are usually followed by either a) putting on make up and freshening up so it doesn't look like you were crying or b) going to bed where it doesn't matter what you look like.

Husband's arms - no explanation needed

Recently discovered bad location for crying:  In the thick of Dallas traffic.

I don't recommend it.  It complicates an already complicated endeavor.  So I stifled it, since nothing was particularly wrong.

I was just feeling like a little country girl speck trying to weasel my way through the giant maze of giant Dallas.

I was shaken from a strange encounter with a fella minutes before that began with "Are you married?"

I was tired and my brain was freshly turned to mush from trying to absorb three days of interstate tax knowledge.

I was mad at myself for forgetting to call my dad on his birthday yesterday.

I was so wanting to get home after being gone for most of the week but...

I was sad that Trent was leaving home again for a few days about the time I was starting towards it.

I was wishing some time would hurry by so this crazy bonkers month can be over and we can breathe a little.

Recently discovered good location for crying:  The open roads through Waxahachie...

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