Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Great Bible Study Suggestion

I mentioned my Sunday school teacher, Tony, a while back in this post and how much I am enjoying his class.  I have actually been absent from class the past two weeks due to vacation and a terrible battle with food poisoning, from our anniversary dinner no less.  Ugh.    

I'm really enjoying the particular Bible study that we are doing in our class right now.  It's really cool and interesting and important.   Here it is:

We are studying the book of John.  That's it!  We do have a small handbook as a guide to some of the themes and stories, (it's called A Walk Thru The Book Of John) but our overall foundation is simply the book of John itself, the Bible itself.    What a novel idea!  I think a lot of classes or groups really stress over what hip or cool or relevant Bible studies or book studies to do when really we have one right in front of us that is so rich with important information and knowledge.   I think there are a lot of really great Bible studies or books out there and I think those can be wonderful for groups to work through and learn from.  I don't deny that at all.  But what if sometimes, instead of reading and talking about resources that talk about the Bible, we simply read and talk about the Bible itself?   

Our class is traipsing through John chapter by chapter, discussing, asking questions, learning, growing.  We talked about what Bible study we will do when we are done with the book of John and I am excited about that one too:

Should be great!

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