Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playing With Hot Rollers aka My Hair Will Not Curl

I chopped my hair off again a few weeks ago so it's kind of short.  I got the inkling to attempt to curl it, even though I knew it would be a failure as usual since my hair will. not. hold. a. curl.   I always think short curly hair is really cute.  So I figured I'd give it a try.  I put out an advertisement status on facebook to see if anyone had some hot rollers sitting bored under their sink that I could borrow.  My coworker Tom's wife, Mandy, came through for me.  A few days after Tom suffered the embarrassment of bringing hot rollers to work (in a bag through which you couldn't even see them), I set to work.  Oh and apparently hot rollers from Tom and Mandy come with a light up sword in the bag:

Hot rollers completely not curly.   Ok, there was a bit of a turn on the ends. 

Not wanting to give up there, I whipped out my trusty, dusty curling iron to polish it off a little bit.  Then it looked super cute! 

For a whole entire...hour...  Bye bye curls.  Nice knowing ya. 

Fail.  As usual.  And it's really ok.  I don't want to pay for products and gadgets to try to have curls.  I long ago embraced my straight hair and left it to my sisters Katy and Sarah to have the curly hair in our family.   Lil sis Abby Wabby and I represent with the straight hair...except hers will actually curl too.   I lose.

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