Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Longer Newlyweds Series

On May 18th, Trent and I will celebrate our fourth anniversary.  FOUR YEARS!  What?  When did that happen?   Time flies when you are having fun. After four years, I think it's safe to say that we are no longer newlyweds, don't you think? I'm not entirely sure when that phase ended, but I'm pretty sure it has.  And that's ok.

It seems like just the other day we were trotting out of the church, being showered with rose petals by people that love us, and driving off to our new married life together...

Sometimes it is hard to believe it has been four years!

We have learned a lot in those four years.  We have gotten some things right, gotten some things wrong.  We've had some little rough patches but we always make it through. We start with our foundation of love and respect and just go through life from there, together, hand in hand. 

In honor of our fourth anniversary and the lessons learned in these last four years, I'm going to post my first ever...drum roll series! Yaaaay.  It's called No Longer Newlyweds and will be in four parts:

Part 1:  Forever Newlyweds
Part 2:  No Pants, No Problem
Part 3:  Quarterly Fights
Part 4:  Life Makes Love Look Hard

So stay tuned for a heart to heart about what we've learned about being married.  It's a wonderful adventure.

P.S. We had an awesome trip this past week.  Sneak peek:

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