Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I just want to give a quick shout out to my wonderful husband today. It's our 4th case you didn't catch that amidst all my blog posts this past week about no longer being newlyweds.  I guess more evidence that we are no longer newlyweds can be found in our whereabouts this evening.  Trent's in Fort Worth for camp counselor training and I'm fixin' to be in epic chore tornado mode so tomorrow I can just relax while Trent goes to Bastrop for mission trip planning.   But it's ok.  We spent our second anniversary at church board meeting together and our third at youth group with our kids, so I suppose it's fitting that he has a youth related trip today on our fourth!  "You know you're a youth minister's wife when..."   :-)  

To my husband:

Remember that time we got married?  Thank you for being our spider killer and oil changer.  Thank you for being the calm when I am sitting under a storm cloud.  Thank you for letting some of your go-with-the-flow ability rub off on me and encouraging me not to worry so much.   Thank you for putting up with all my random questions that you don't know the answer to.  Thank you for introducing me to baseball and fruit ninja and bedtime crosswords. Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of times you have told me I'm beautiful, even when I don't feel like believing you. Thank you for being my man.

I love you Beanie Boy.

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