Monday, August 13, 2012

An Addition To Our Household

Raise your hand if you clicked on this link from Facebook because you thought this was an announcement that we are having a kid.   Lol, sorry, nope.  But we do have someone living in our guest room.   She has already graduated from college though so if you count her as our kid then I guess we are past all the hard work. 

This is Sunny:

I shamelessly yoinked this picture from her facebook page.   Sunny is a friend of Trent's cousin.  She graduated from Baylor this past May, her apartment lease ended July 31st and she is leaving on a 9 month long mission journey through her church at the beginning of September.  She was kind of stuck between a rock (July) and a hard place (September) with no place to lay her curly head, so we swooped her up for the month of August.   Sunny is a delight.   She is a sweet, sweet young lady with a big heart for our Lord.

So.  If any of you hear Trent and I talking like there is someone else living at our house, well, there is.

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