Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grocery Bag Repair

Trent and I are really into reusable grocery bags.  They make it so much easier to tote home our loot from grocery trips.  They hold a ton and you can sling them over your shoulder.  Oh and there's that whole saving the earth thing too.  We make a pretty giant grocery trip every two weeks around pay day and then a fill-in trip in between.

Well, our giant trips have started to take a toll on our reusable bags and the handles started ripping out...whop whop.

The bags were only a dollar each when we got them, so I debated just replacing them, but only for about, oh, two seconds.   It was sewing that ripped out of them.  So I decided to just add more sewing back to them.

It worked out tremendously.  Not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen come off a sewing machine, but hey, they are just grocery bags for goodness sake.

I'm sure our beans and cereal and eggs won't mind.

Question of the day: what little things do you encounter here and there that are broken or messed up that you just throw away?   Is there any way you can salvage them via sewing machine, hot glue, paint, etc, to prolong their life?   If you need to come use my sewing machine, just holler!

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