Friday, August 24, 2012

Proper Attire For A Youth Lock-In

Trent and I are gearing up for one of the necessary evils of youth ministry: a lock-in.   This overnight event is something that our kids luuuurv and beg for since they have not yet gained such an appreciation that we have for this thing called sleep.  Nevertheless, we luuuurv our kids so we give in and have a lock-in every once in a while.   But, since we are in charge, our lock-ins actually involve sleep!!  Bwa ha ha.

I thought I'd enlighten you on the proper attire for a youth lock-in.  This is what I have devised after some purposeful thought and reflection.

1. Athletic shorts. There is potential for basketball, killer pong, hide and seek, capture the prepared.    Also, athletic shorts can double as pajama bottoms at bedtime .

2. Socks and Sneakers.  See item #1 above.  Plus you can shed the shoes and still have warm tootsies inside your socks if the youth room is chilly.

3. Sports bra.  Get warm playing volleyball outside?  Eh, don't sweat it.  Want to be modest at bedtime, but still comfy?  Gotcha covered.  (Puns very much intended, you know it)

4. A youth t-shirt.  Of course.   Creepy stalker Jesus t-shirt designed by one of your very own youth?  Total win.

So, in conclusion, basically wear to a lock-in what you would wear to the gym.  Yeah.  Youth ministry is a workout.  Burnin' calories and losin' sleep for Jesus!  Even creepy stalker Jesus...

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