Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Sewed A Birthday Card

Last Wednesday I had an idea.  I decided I was going to sew my sister Katy a birthday card.   So I came home after youth group and that is exactly what I set out to do.  I pulled out some construction paper left over from my tax season count down paper chain and set to cutting out blue, plaid, wool flower petals from some scrap fabric.   Because, come on, who has ever seen a blue, plaid, wool flower?  

Then I played with the tension and stitch length on my sewing machine with a bit of scrap fabric and some other paper to see if this sewing on paper thing could truly be done.   So far so good.

Then I took pictures of Trent and Lu being adorable while watching the Rangers lose...

And then I went to bed.

But I continued the next day after work and began to actually sew my unique flower onto the paper.  I didn't really care about being precise or symmetrical.   I just went for it and it worked!

Then I pulled out my Crayola markers and attempted to draw some fancy letters on the card.

Fancy letters have never been one of my strengths so...just focus on the cool blue, plaid, wool flower...

It turned out cool and fun and unique!  For next time I will get thicker paper or card stock and try that out so the card doesn't end up so top heavy and floppy.

And for any family members out there thinking "Um Anna, Katy's birthday was July 26th, and it's already August", Katy insisted that there was no mailing of birthday stuff allowed just for the sake of being on time.  So I brought her card to her in person along with some birthday monies when I went to the hometown last weekend.

Do you have any birthdays coming up or other occasions?  Why not try sewing a card instead of buying one?  Need some scrap fabric?  I've got plenty, come and get some.

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