Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY Money Saver - Homemade Haircuts

Trent likes to keep his hair pretty short these days, but he hasn't always...   Fro my goodness!   

Christmas 2006

Haircuts weren't as frequent back then as they are now, but nevertheless, Trent didn't like spending money on them.  Probably one of the reasons they were few and far between!   Not terribly long after we started dating, I began cutting Trent's hair.   Does that sound scary?  It's really not.  I don't actually cut it, I buzz it, with a trimmer guard so it's pretty much fool proof.

We went to Wal-mart sometime in 2006 and bought this trimmer set:

It was $26.  I remember standing in the Wal-mart aisle while Trent lamented how much money that was at the time for us po' college students.   We analyzed the high start up cost compared to the money he could save on haircuts going forward and went for it.   I decided to try to sum up approximately how much money.

Cost of Wahl trimmer set with guards: $26

Cost per haircut Trent would get at SportClips, prior to our homemade haircut endeavor: $20
Approximate number of haircuts per year:  4 (2006 after purchasing trimmer set) + 8 (2007) + 10 each (2008-2011) + 5 (2012 thus far) equals 57
Total savings: $20 x 57 = $1,140

Um...fro my goodness!   $26 vs $1140?  Yes please. 

Any men out there who prefer an evenly short haircut?  Any women whose man likes that type of haircut?  Give this a try!  It's super easy and with the guards you can pick your hair length and there's no danger of an oopsie bald spot or cutting off an ear.  

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