Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evolution Of A Blog Post (And Those That Never See The Light Of Day)

Did you know that a lot of my blog posts end up being published as something very different from what I originally set out for them to be?   For example, this post that summed up my faith in three words did not start out with that subject in mind at all.  When I started writing it, I actually intended it to be about this post's topic, living intentionally for the Lord here and now.   Sometimes once I sit down and get to writing, my ideas evolve and I find myself in a totally different place.  So I roll with it.  I change the title and stash away the original idea for another time perhaps.   I figure y'all will never know the difference!

Did you know that I have lots of blog post ideas that fall by the wayside and never see the light of day?   You see, whenever I have an idea for a blog post of any kind, I go ahead and open up Blogger the next time I have a chance and save a new draft with what I think the title of my new post will be.  So at any given time, I have lots of drafts, most with nothing in them but a title.  I currently have 19.   Well, for some blog post ideas, they don't seem so hot after they hang out in my draft list for a while, or I simply realize I'm never going to tackle that subject or do that craft...sometimes I just get so far past the point when I had the idea that I really no longer have a clue what I wanted to say.

Just for grins, here are a few blog post drafts that sadly went to the land of DELETE:

Who Do You Dress To Impress?
Why I'll Never Own An E-Reader
When Young People Give
The Day Trent Preached In Big Church
Snooze And Snoozability, by Jane Austen

Now you're curious, huh? If anyone out there particularly wants to see one of these be posted, let me know and I'll try to conjure up the idea again.  But for now, they have gone bye bye.

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