Monday, August 20, 2012

This IS Where I Belong

Remember this blog post from a little while back, about my faith being summed up in three little words?  Click here if you don't remember.   Well, when I started to write that post, I actually intended to write the post that is about to unfold below.  Funny how things change in my brain as I typity type type.

In that post I said my faith boils down to three words: Jesus Loves Me.   I have a simple faith, not an intellectual faith, and that's just fine.  There are a few topics, however, that make me bristle and think and find my belief in the particulars.    I realized one of these topics when I found myself singing along heartily to a catchy new song on the Christian radio station.   It is called Where I Belong and it's by Building 429.  The chorus goes like this:

All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this life and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong

A punchy rhythm got me into the song and I soon knew the words without really thinking about them.   But then I thought about them...and audibly said to my radio "Hold the phone, this IS where I belong!"  

Allow me to explain.

I totally know where this song is coming from and what it is trying to stay.  As children of God, we are not of this world.  This is not our eternal home.  We have a place prepared for us in our Father's heavenly mansion, with streets paved with gold where we can engage in eternal praise and worship for our Lord.  

...But I feel like some people are in such a hurry to get there that they miss out on the Kingdom of God that is already upon us right here on earth...

Maybe I'm not truly home yet.  Maybe I should be more consciously eager for the streets of gold and the end of this worldly life.   Maybe I should be more focused on eternity with Jesus.  But honestly?  I feel pretty at home in this world, in this life.  I believe I was placed on this earth for a purpose. I believe that purpose involves more than just looking forward to the day when I will no longer be on this earth.  

God put me in this city, in this job, in this family, in this church, in this marriage.   I want to serve Him and love others every day that I am alive.  I don't know God's timeline.  He could take me away from this earth any instant and bring me to His side.  And you know what?  Whenever that happens, I will rejoice in His glory and dance on the streets of gold.  

But in the meantime?  This IS where belong.

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