Saturday, August 18, 2012

Exercise From The 90s

Remember when I got an aerobic step and step DVD for some 80s exercise?  Well that was rather short lived, as most of my DVD workouts are, because I get sooooo booooored with doing the same thing over and over on the DVD.   So I decided to try something else:

I bit the bullet and now pay $36 a month to attend unlimited Jazzercise classes at the Waco location.  Now, I don't know if Jazzercise is truly from the 90s, but I remember all the ladies at my dad's law firm going through a phase where they all went to Jazzercise and that was in the 90s, so let's just roll with my post title.  

I'm loving Jazzercise.   Reasons:

~The women attending do not look anything like those in the picture above.   We are not an already slender, ripped group of women in full makeup and color coordinated workout clothes.  We are a bunch of regular people trying to be healthy and have fun doing it.   Even the instructors themselves aren't exercise goddesses.  

~It truly is fun.  The songs are current and upbeat, the instructors are peppy and encouraging, and they show you different routines so you don't get super bored like I do with DVDs.  I find myself simply smiling through many routines.

~It really is a good workout.   They ain't playin' around.  Cardio, weights/strength work, abs, it's all in there. 

~I will actually go and do it.  Since a) I am paying for it, b) I like it, and c) it is at scheduled times that I can't postpone or put off...I will go.  I roped my friend and coworker Kristin into coming with me. It's fun to have a buddy to keep accountable with too.

~I get to live out my little girl dream of going to dance classes, which was never realized.  Hey mom, I can shake my booty and wear tight outfits in Jazzercise class all I want!   :-P

I've been going for a couple weeks now and I'm really enjoying it.  So far so good!

This post was in no way sponsored or perked by Jazzercise and all opinions herein are simply my own genuine thoughts. ...hahahahaha, yeah right, like I would have blog sponsors.  Pssh!

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