Wednesday, October 10, 2012

16 Birthday Presents For My 16 Year Old Baby Sister

Once upon a time, my baby sister was actually a baby.

December 2005

But then...she grew up...

Abby turned 16 today.  WHAT?!?!  I know, crazy right?  It seems like not that long ago we big sisters were trying to ditch "the munchkin" in order to go shopping and now she's pretty much the MVP of our sister pack.  

Anyway, I had a little fun with her birthday present.  Or should I say presentS.  I figured since she was turning 16 she needed 16 birthday presents.   Since I am not made of money, however, the first 15 were a whole bunch of random silly stuff, each costing $2 or less, including glow in the dark slime and "Say Yes To Carrots" lotion.  Hey, I already said they were random ok? 

The 16th present was actually a real present for my sweet baby sister.

Well the above group of items turned into this...

...which turned into this...

...which turned into this...

I stuck all this in the mail to Abby and phoned home this evening.   Mom answered ("Hi Pie!") and then told me Abby was about to open my box.   Good timing!  I got to hang out on speaker phone while she opened each present.  She dove in and started with the nail polish, number 11, before I told her to go in order, or at least make sure to end with #16.   It was so fun to listen to her open each random, silly present and the real present at the end.

So happy 16th birthday to my baby sister.  I lobbs you!

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