Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pilgrimage To The Steakhouse 9/30/12 - The End Of An Era

Anyone really tuned into this blog might be thinking "Anna, September 30th just passed, where is your Pilgrimage To The Steakhouse post like this one and this one from before?"  Ok, you'd have to be reeeeally tuned in if you were thinking that.  

Well, we did not go to our steakhouse this September 30th.  Because this happened:

Not only did their boat sink the day after our wedding after we were the last people to ride it, but now the whole restaurant is sunk...   We're a little sad, not gonna lie.  But it's ok.  They changed the name from Lake Brazos Steakhouse to Lake Brazos Bar & Grill and changed the menu and atmosphere a while back, so it really wasn't like our steakhouse anymore.  Not to mention the food poisoning I got when we went there last May for our wedding anniversary dinner.  Whop whop...

We did actually make one last trip to our steakhouse, to mark the end of an era.  We stopped by last night as part of a mystery date night (more on that later).   The parking lot was empty, the restaurant was closed and dark.  It was pretty sad honestly.

We've been to this restaurant every September 30th since our first date on September 30th, 2005.  It is part of our story.  Sunken boat, food poisoning and all.   Ok the food poisoning really really sucked.  

I guess we need to figure out a new September 30th tradition now.  I'm thinking a picnic to the spot in Cameron Park where we first met.  We have a year to decide.

Here's to seven years of togetherness.  I love this boy.

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