Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Death Of Rose Jar #3

Well folks...this is one of those blog posts that I consider not even posting, for the sake of maintaining y'all's delusion that my crafting life is all happy success.  But I owned up to my crooked quilt top in this post and now I'm owning up to another failure because my crafting life is, in fact, NOT all happy success.  Gasp, who knew?

Remember the beautiful red roses Trent gave me a while back as part of our first officially scheduled date night?

Remember the pretty rose jar I made from them?

Do you have a puny stomach?  If so, you probably don't want to look at the upcoming pictures. 

Note to self: Before making a rose jar, make sure the flowers you are using are COMPLETELY DRIED.   Otherwise this happens:

Yep.  That is mold.  Lots and lots and lots of it.  The other night after Bible study I walked past the little hallway shelf where this rose jar had been living decaying and gasped in disgust and disappointment when I noticed the jar.  

It's a goner.  I thought about dumping it out and saving the jar for rose jar #4, whenever that comes around, but honestly, I don't even want to open that thang.   The jar itself was only about $3.00 so I'm just going to sacrifice it to the craft failure goddess (I don't like her very much) and call it a day.

Can I get a WHOP WHOP??  

Ugh.  Fail.

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