Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear Men, Show Your Daughter How Men Should Treat Her

Dear Men,

I want to share a quick story with you.  And then I want to tell you something very important, kind of like why women wear high heels and how you shouldn't be expected to read your wife's mind.  Actually, it's more important than those.

Several weeks ago I was at work, chatting with my coworker Tom after dropping off a tax return at his desk for him to review.  It was shortly after Trent and I went on our first scheduled Friday night date night when Trent gave me some flowers.   As I was describing my roses from Trent, Tom suddenly turned to his desk, grabbed a post-it note and began to write something on it. 

"That reminds me, I haven't gotten flowers for Claire in a while."

Claire is his daughter.  She is three. 

I melted.   After I picked my jaw up off the office floor, I praised him profusely for such a wonderful, sweet, loving habit. 

Men, show your daughter how men should treat her.  Show her through your actions what it means to be respected, supported and loved.  Be a model of responsibility and hard work.  Tell her she is pretty.  Be there for important events in her life and be there for Tuesday night homework.  Buy her flowers.  Take her on daddy daughter dates.  Dance with her in the living room.  


Set the bar high for what her expectations will be of future men in her life.   

Someday maybe she'll meet a man who doesn't live up to these standards you set throughout her formative years.  Hopefully she will fall back on that foundation of love, respect and presence and say adios to any losers she comes across.  

Someday maybe she'll meet a man who will start doing all those things that you did so faithfully as she grew up.   He will love her and respect her.  He'll be there for her when she gets a promotion and he'll be there for her when she's dishing out spaghetti for dinner...again.  He'll buy her flowers and he'll dance with her in the living room.  

When that time comes, you may not get to do these things as much anymore.  But you'll know that you helped her set high hopes for that next man who became a constant, honorable, loving part of her life. 

Raised by a good man and married a good man

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