Monday, October 29, 2012

Laundry Room Remodel - Day 3

To get you up to speed, click here for Day 1 of the laundry room remodel and click here for Day 2

We left off on Day 2 with walls and shelves painted.  The next step was the floor.   I got a case of this stuff at Home Depot:

They are just adhesive linoleum squares.  Nothing too fancy, but my slogan for this entire project has been "it's just a laundry room", meaning I haven't gotten hung up on perfection or fanciness.   After church, Trent wasn't feeling well so he konked out in bed for the afternoon and I set to work installing the new floor.  

It was easy.  Just peel and stick.  Man, were these things sticky.  I used a utility knife to cut some down to size for the back row and certain corners where the regular squares wouldn't fit.

TA-DA!  I know it's just linoleum squares but I'm in love with it.

Trent later awoke from the dead and put the shelves back into the room.  

I left the original L brackets in place for the lower shelf because a) they end up behind the washer and dryer and not really seen and b) they were weirdly stuck behind a piece of plywood weirdly covering the bottom part of the wall and there was no getting them out without tearing the wall apart.   But for the top shelf, Trent installed the pretty brackets he made the day before.  Pretty neat huh?

Oh, did I mention I installed a beautiful new floor all by myself?

Oh I did mention that already?  I'm sorry.  Actually no, no I'm not.   That floor is schmexy.

So at the close of Sunday, all the actual remodel type work was done.

We went ahead and shoved the machines back in there and hooked them up so we could actually walk around in the den again and introduced the carpet cleaner and vacuum to their new home.

Then Trent built a fire in the fireplace, in front of which we parked our booties for the rest of the evening.  

There is still one major piece left in this project, which I will update on as soon as it is done.  Then I'll give some complete before and after photos as well.   This pretty much consumed my weekend but I am SO glad I tackled it and got it pretty much done.   Weeks of brainstorming brought to life. 

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