Friday, October 26, 2012

Foster Process Organization Station

When it comes to important things, I like to be very organized, and this foster parent verification process is pretty important.  We needed a place where our plans and goals could be central and visible so that we didn't get bogged down in all the paperwork, could see what steps we are supposed to chip away at next and also remember to get them done!   

So I went on a quest to various sellers of office supplies around town to find a good bulletin board/marker board combo.  I landed on this for about $35 from Office Depot.  The marker board side of it is also magnetic.  Swanky swank!   I also found a little magnetic caddy at Target to hold markers, eraser, bills, etc.   Trent hung it up for us in the kitchen, smack in the middle of our house. 

I found this little cross at Mardel a few weeks ago and decided to add it to our foster board as a cute reminder that we can begin to pray for the children that will come into our care even now, when we still feel really far from having real live children in our home.

This is our checklist of everything we need to do to become licensed foster parents.  We have checked off a couple things so far and the top two items will be checked off probably by Monday.  It seems like a lot but we are going to tackle one or two items per week to get it knocked out.

And then over here we can make lists or notes or whatever we need.  We've got our game plan for this past week of what to tackle and also my plan for the laundry room remodel which is already in progress.  It is cleared out and the shelves and brackets are taken down.  It looks pretty bare and pretty terrible right now, but I have grand plans.  More on that when it is done in a few days.

This little organization station will remain beneficial once we actually have children in our home.  We are required to display emergency phone numbers, house rules and a fire/emergency evacuation plan in the home so those will probably be posted on this board in the kitchen.   We can also keep some lists or notes related to routine, behavior, etc on the marker board.

We may need to hang it a little lower on the wall though in the future to be more visible to little kids...

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