Sunday, October 28, 2012

Laundry Room Remodel - Day 2

If you are just now stumbling upon this laundry room remodel adventure, click here for an update on how Day 1 went and get yourself caught up.

Day 2 began bright dark and early Saturday morning.  6:30 am to be exact.  Yipes.  I wouldn't have gotten up that early for this on my own but Trent got up early to take some of his Mission Waco high schoolers on a college visiting trip to UTA so I went ahead and got up too.  The early bird gets the painting done. 

I taped off the trim, spread out some plastic on the carpet and washing machine outside the laundry room, opened my paint can and got to work.  

It took me literally about two hours of cutting in on the edges with a brush, since there were so many nooks and crannies around pipes and such, and so many edges of the siding on the back wall.

After all that, it was looking kind of like the Texas Laundry Room Massacre...

Once that was taken care of and I could switch to a roller, things went sooooo muuuuuch faaaaster.  I did use a little weenie roller though because I still had some small spaces to get to.   It was very easy to maneuver. 

First coat done by about 11:00 am.   Time for a lunch break.

After that, I set myself up to paint the shelves outside in the back yard on some saw horses from Trent's woodshop.   They were a nice dirty shade of not-quite-white so I painted them actual white with a few coats of paint throughout the afternoon.

Trent got home from Arlington at about 3:00 and set to work cutting, routing and assembling some decorative, but also very functional, shelf brackets.  I did not want to use the original metal L brackets again (hence why we yanked them out) and intended to go get some kind of pretty swirly metal brackets at Home Depot but they were about six buckeroos a piece.  Ew.   As we were standing there bemoaning the price, Trent said "why don't I just build some?"   Duh.  Brilliant.  And since I was planning to ditch a couple of the small shelves from the laundry room and not reuse them, he could just make the brackets from those.  Brilliant and free.

As he kicked them out in the wood shop, I set to painting them.  Aren't they pretty?

That was it for Day 2.  I was tired from painting, Trent was tired from his trip.  So we picked up some pizza, put on our sweatpants, and yelled at the Baylor Bears on tv the rest of the evening...   :-(

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