Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Laundry Room Remodel - Day 4, It's Done!

Click here for Day 1.  Click here for Day 2.  Click here for Day 3.

And that brings us to Day 4!  Y'all, I started and finished a remodel project in 4 days.  Anyone who is familiar with our dining room debacle knows that this is a big success.  At the close of Day 3, everything was painted, the floor was installed and we had put the washer and dryer back in their place. 

Monday evening I put everything else back in there and somehow it looks a whole lot less cluttered than before.  Probably because I said "where the heck did this come from?" to a lot of items which then ended up in the trash.

The last step was to hang a heavy duty curtain across the doorway so that the room can be closed off...though I don't know who would want to hide such a pretty laundry room.

How about a little before and after for the full effect?

Big improvement, if I do say so myself.  Don't worry, I'm going to take the curtains down at some point and iron all those creases out of them.  I was just too excited last night to do that step and just wanted to get them hung.

Now for a little budget breakdown of what it cost us to spruce up this little 4 x 7 room.

Paint for walls and shelves, from Home Depot:  $29.44
Various painting supplies, from Home Depot:  $9.31
Linoleum flooring squares (30 square feet), from Home Depot: $29.70
Shelves: free, just repainted existing ones
Shelf brackets: free, Trent made them out of small shelves that were not going to be reused
Curtain rod, from Anna's Linens: $21.68
Curtains, from Target: $54.10
Labor: free, we did everything by ourselves
Grand Total: $144.23

Though that is a decent chunk of change in our financial realm, it's not too bad for an entire room re-do. About half of it was spent on the stinkin' curtains and rod, but those are the ones I wanted. We're not sweatin' it.  We're just lovin' it.

Here ends my laundry room shenanigans.  Up next I've got a very special guest blog post from a very special man in my life.  Stay tuned for a glimpse into Trent's story and how it helped guide us to the foster care path we are starting on.


  1. Way to go sister! I especially like that your pink piggy bank made the cut:)

    1. It sure did! Even though Trent thinks it's creepy.