Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mystery Date Night

Even though we recently started being more official and intentional about Friday night date nights, Trent and I have always randomly planned "Mystery Date Nights" for each other.   The ones I plan are pretty lame and usually entail revisiting certain sentimental spots around Waco like the suspension bridge where Trent asked me to be his girlfriend or the little garden area behind Morrison Hall on campus where we had many conversations during college about us and our future.

But the mystery dates that Trent plans are totally unique, bookoos of fun and downright awesome.

Example Uno
Clues:  We will be outdoors and it's hot so wear shorts.  We can go any time after we eat and it will cost about $20.
Resulting mystery date: An evening at Kiddie Land by our house playing putt-putt, riding go carts and riding the train.  Pretty sure we will never entirely grow up...

Example Dos
Clues: It will be indoors and you don't have to dress up, it's at 7:00 pm and will cost about $30.  (He knows me too well and knows he needs to alert me to the cost, lol.)
Resulting mystery date:  Watching a motorcross competition at the HOT coliseum, from age 4 through adults.  It. Was. Awesome.  Some people implied to me that they thought that was a really lame date but I loved it.  It is now a prominent memory on our "Remember That Time" list.

Well, last week Trent started talking up a Mystery Date Night for this past Friday.  All I could gather as clues was that it was "western themed" and I should wear my cowgirl boots.  I later gathered that 8:00 pm was a fluid arrival time.  That was it.   He said if I asked too many questions the date would turn into McDonald's and a drive back to the house.  Well, fine.

He took me to dinner at a new-ish place downtown called Jake's Texas Tea House.  It was really good home cookin' and a super fun atmosphere but, not gonna lie, we agreed it was a leetle beet pricey.   After dinner, we killed some time including a trip to our now deceased steakhouse to take a picture and mark the end of an era.  At this point I still wasn't sure why I had to wear my boots or what was so western themed about this date.

Then Trent took me dancing.

Y'all...Trent hates dancing...   But he knows I love it.    And that was his sole reason for surprising me by taking me to Wild West dance hall.

Wild West opened when we were in college and I have some fun memories of going there with the girls...

The place opens at 8:00 but people don't really show up until about 10:00...which is now our bedtime...  Trent and I were literally the only ones there besides the bartenders and the DJs but that was actually perfect.  We were there to dance with each other, there was nobody else to run into or keep up with on the dance floor.  It was just us, dancing.   We stayed for about an hour, danced several songs, sat and chatted a bit, probably looked like a couple of major dorks.  At one point Trent asked me if I was embarrassed that we were the only ones there and I told him no I was not.   I was just happy to be dancing with him.  Giddy actually.

Did I mention Trent hates dancing?  

When was the last time you did something for your spouse, even if you don't like it or don't want to, just because you know they love it?  

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