Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favorite Reaction So Far

We've gotten a lot of different responses to our news about becoming foster-to-adopt parents.  A few boil down to "um...what?" but most of them are positive and joyful.   Here are some we've gotten:

"That's cool.  That's scary...but that's cool."  ~Our senior minister, Brian

"I could never do that."  ~Several people, who I bet actually could do this if they put their mind and heart to it.

"I love that you have been on a journey to see what Jesus has for you guys."  ~A coworker

"This is all verrrrry interesting."  ~My sweet grandmother, Rie

"My youth minister and his wife are doing the same thing."  ~My sister Abby.  I was stoked to hear of another young couple pursuing this.  Maybe they have a blog I can stalk.

But among all the reactions we have received so far, I have a favorite.

It was among the earliest reactions because we told these friends only a few days after we officially decided to pursue adoption.  At that point we had no idea we'd be taking the foster care route.  We told Wes and Laura early on because they are very wise people who have both poured into our life and because their son, Seth, is adopted.  

Seth is in 6th grade.  And his reaction is my favorite.  When we told them our decision to adopt, he immediately erupted with pure joy and said:

"Mister Trent, you're going to be a father!  And Miss Anna, you're going to be a mom!"

I will never, ever forget this for the rest of my life.   Seth's words went straight to my heart.  Leave it to a 6th grader to sum up the entirety of this endeavor into two joyful statements:  Trent is going to be a father.  And I'm going to be a mom.

I don't have a growing belly.   Instead of doctors appointments, we've got paperwork and instead of baby showers we've got a home study. We don't know what age to begin to prepare for or buy supplies and furniture for.  We don't know if the first child that comes to us will stay with us forever, or the second or third... 

But what we do know is this: I'm an expectant mother and Trent is an expectant father, whether it will be just for short amounts of time with several children or the rest of a child's life.  My parents are going to be grandparents together for the first time.  Trent's parents can't wait to be Poppa and Grander to grandchild number 3 (provided K'Lee doesn't introduce number 3 before we get a chance to).  My sister Sarah once told me I needed to have kids so she could be the aunt that sews clothes for is her time! (Well, once we figure out what gender and age)

Normal schmormal.    Y'all, I'm gonna be a mom.


  1. I keep reading this over and over, and tear up every time I get to the part about Seth. I can remember like it was yesterday. And the journey you describe...well, I remember that too. Instead of 9 months, my labor lasted 2 years. Worth every second of it too.

  2. I know this post is several years old, but I just have to comment. My husband and I have decided to become foster parents, hopefully foster to adopt, and I've been receiving my own set of reactions. Most of them were "Oh", but my sister-in-law, who adopted my beautiful niece into our family, said, in her really quiet way, "Congratulations." It was the first time someone had congratulated us and I cry every time I think about it. She understands that we are going to be parents just as much as if I were pregnant.

    Thank you for this blog. I plan to read all your archives and stalk you if you don't mind :)

    1. Yes please, stalk all you want! Glad to connect.