Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Big Two Five

Go shortay, it's ya birthday, we're gonna party like it's ya birthday...

Actually my birthday was a week and a half ago but I got too caught up in busy life to blog about it.   I am now 25.  A whole quarter of a century, as many people reminded me.  A few people joked "So you're, what? 21?" But I told them I'm not old enough to need you to make me feel younger than I am.  I'm super ok being 25.

I did reflect back on my year as a 24 year old a bit. Compared to the previous several years, it didn't contain any huge milestones...

20: finished bachelor's degree
21: got married and finished master's degree
22: bought our house
23: passed the CPA exam
24: uh...lived life?

Just because it didn't have any ginormo events or notable rites of passage doesn't mean it wasn't a good year!   At the beginning of age 24 I joked that we should probably have a baby during that year to keep up my trend but, um, yeah, haha, NO.

So I'm 25 now.  A quarter of a century old.  I thought really hard about doing some kind of blog series or challenge or something like "The QC Challenge" or "The 25 List" like Angela's 29 List.  But I came up with nothing. And that's ok.  I've got enough to blog about (in fact, I have about 10 drafts of posts in process right now).

For my birthday, I received a bunch of squealing hugs at church from our youth (including some of the boys), was treated to lunch by one of the sweet ladies in our church, and headed to Georgetown later to meet my parents, brother and Abby for an early dinner, halfway-ish between Waco and Fredericksburg.  We ate at The Monument Cafe in Georgetown and it was very, very good and a nice old fashioned diner.  Mom even brought the red plate for me!

A family tradition. You get the red plate on your birthday, test day,
piano recital day, or any day at all that marks some kind of success.
Mom gave me my own red plate as a wedding present!

The love of my life gave me a wheely stool for my craft room that I have been eyeing. The comical part is that it is from Sears and is Craftsman brand. 

I'm thinking of using Sharpie to scratch out Man and write Craftswoman...we'll see.  I wanted a stool with no back on it so I could plop down on it from any angle as I bop around my craft room and one that had wheels so I can scoot around between craft desk, card table and ironing board.  Go ahead and giggle.  I have several times.

He also got me a wonderful wall hanging with a lot of adorable phrases.  Kind of reminds me of our story on canvas that Steph made for us.

So here's to another year of life!  I hope the next quarter century is as exciting as the first.

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