Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sister Time

My baby sister, Abby, came to visit me this past weekend.  Well, I actually went and got her in San Marcos where her team won a basketball game, and brought her back to Waco with me.  She can't drive yet...  We have been trying to get her to Waco for a weekend since last October and we finally did it!  I was so, so excited that she was coming.  I really miss my family and a dose of family time from any of the various members does me a whole lot of good.

We ate breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino, where Abby was very amused by their crooked fountain.

We went to the mall. Duh.

We picked up my wedding ring from the jeweler. It's all tightened and safe now and sooooo shiny. I'm glad to have it back.

We looked through old pictures.

I told her David Crowder lives here and she freaked out.  Then I drove her past his house and she freaked out a whole lot more!

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  Then I promptly texted Sarah to inform her.  She said we are now officially sisters...  They work quite nicely with my brown boots.  

I gave Abs a personal tour of Baylor... continue my brainwashing to get her to come to school here.

Then we went to the Lady Bears basketball game.

She was very impressed!  They were great and won by a long shot.

And Abby wore her brand new Heritage letter jacket eeeeeeeverywhere we went. :-)

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