Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Friend Emerson

I'd like you to meet my new friend, Emerson:

Emerson is a tv that was manufactured the exact same year I was: 1987.  His birthday is actually July, so he is about a half a year younger than me.  I got him for free at our youth garage sale this past weekend because nobody else wanted him, including Goodwill.

Contrary to what the above old-fashioned-looking-on-purpose-for-effect pictures might indicate about Emerson's pigmentation abilities, he does indeed produce color.   I gave him a home in my craft room, along with a DVD/VHS player that we had to hunt down at a pawn shop to find one with a coax cable connector, so it would work with Emerson's outdated hardware. 

As of right now, Emerson's sole job is to play DVDs that I can passively watch while putzing around in my craft room. I might attempt to hook up cable, since previous owners of our house pulled cables to every single room in the house.  But for now, I'll let him warm up to his new home with just DVD duty.  

I figured he should be christened by my favorite movie of all time...

Mmmhmm yep.  I think we are a match made in tv heaven.  Welcome to our home, Emerson.


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