Friday, January 20, 2012

If It Were Not For The Pictures...

You know, I would post a lot more often if it were not for the pictures.  Sit down, type, post, bam. Done. But I've got a backlog of about 5 post drafts right now that are really just waiting for me to insert appropriate pictures that I already have, or take needed pictures so I can then include them.    It turns "sit down, type, post, bam. Done." into "take pictures, sit down, upload pictures, edit pictures, insert pictures into post, rearrange pictures within post, write, post, bam. Done."  That's a little bit longer process.  

But I do it for YOOOU because, wouldn't you agree, blog posts are so much better when they have pictures?  Even if it's a googled clip art image and not an original photo?  I think so.  

Stay tuned for some picture filled posts soon. 

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