Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boot Shopping Blues Begone!

Remember a while back when I was suffering from boot shopping blues and had come home empty handed from a thorough hunt for casual brown boots?   Well my unofficial three year search for brown boots is officially over.  On the way to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl...

...Trent and I pulled into a shopping center in Georgetown to get some coffee and there happened to be a DSW there.  My sweet husband pointed out that I should pop in and see if there were any boots I liked.  Done and done.  He went next door to lay on $14,000 Temperpedic beds just for fun and I quickly texted him "Yesssssssss" from within DSW.   Seemed like within seconds he was coming in the DSW door and looking for me.  I wasn't hard to find in my gold Baylor Line jersey! 

I got the dark brown (middle) version of these:

And I loooooooove them.  They are super comfy for my footsies, my jeans fit inside them quite well and they are pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  Not to mention they were on the clearance shelf (score!).   Now I just need to find some inexpensive skinny jeans for the purpose of less voluminous and wrinkly boot stuffing.  I'm a little scared.  I've never owned skinny jeans in my life...but I have my skinny jean addicted sister's blessing.

Sarah says the tighter the better...I just want them to fit into my boots without wads of denim around my ankles...  This should be an adventure.

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