Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Is Your Soul Today?

How is your soul today?

I am trying really hard to put mine in a state of rest and peace, in anticipation of...drum roll season.  Yep, in a few short weeks I will be cranking up my hours at the office for my fifth (wow!) tax season.  In these weeks prior to that, I'm hoping to keep the craziness level to a minimum if possible.  I got home yesterday from three days of CPE in Dallas, during which I caught a cold (no fun).  Next weekend Trent and I are going to Houston on Saturday for a friend's wedding.  The following weekend I am going to attempt for about the fourth time to get my baby sister to Waco to hang out with me.  The weekend after that is the youth garage sale...  So maybe I'll try my best to keep the craziness level down in the weekdays in between...

Today, however, has been quite delightful, I must say, despite my leftover sniffles and a hint of a cough.  Trent has been in Athens all day for various meetings at the church camp.  :-(  So I have been a bum, on purpose.

Today I:

Wore sweatpants all day.

Sat at Starbucks for two hours writing a letter to my Grandma, emailing a friend, blogging, and researching airplane ticket prices for a possible travel endeavor to be named later.

Went shopping at the mall by myself, which I like to do on occasion, to eliminate the worry of whether a companion is bored or wanting to move on to the next store.

Only spent giftcards from Christmas, not real money.

Bought some nice bubble bath and a purse.

Took my wedding ring to get it cleaned and checked, but the lady said it needed to be sent off to tighten the prongs on the side diamonds and I'll have it back by the 24th.  Sad!  But better safe than sorry. I guess I'll wear my mission trip ring as a backup until I get my real one back...

Took a nap.

Took a bubble bath and read my book in the tub.  My new bubble bath smells goood.

Did some Bible study.

Talked to my hubby who says he is almost home!

Evening plans include dinner and board/card games with some friends.  Overall, a very restful day and one that I needed.  I'm hoping Trent and I can have a repeat of it together tomorrow afternoon.  Do you think there is any merit to the idea of storing up rest in anticipation of a busy time when rest will be scarce?  If not, I'm going to use it anyway as an excuse to have a calm January however possible.

How is your soul today?


  1. My soul is "bleh" today. Finding myself easily frustrated at silly things. One of those days to just go to bed early, maybe? After a bubble bath... such a smart idea!!

  2. :-/ I have found that bubble baths are good for the soul. I hope the rest of your week goes better. :-)