Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lost Art of Thank You Notes

I recently started thinking about writing a post about thank you notes and Mollie must have read my mind or something because literally one or two days later she posted a blog about the same thing...  This is the second time this has happened!   A few months ago I started working on a post about using Google Calendars (it's still in my drafts and shortly thereafter Mollie posted about the same thing.  Weird.  Maybe we are the same person

But anyway!  Thank you notes...

Do you write them?  Do you think they are a lost art?  Old fashioned?  I'm a big fan of sending thank you notes.  I use the United States Postal Service, with a stamp and everything.  I think I send them because the habit was ingrained into me as a kid.  We sent thank you notes for birthday presents, Christmas presents, graduation presents...  Even when we were really young and Mom wrote them except for our kiddy scrawled name, boy did we write thank you notes.  I still think this is a good habit to have.   I have all kinds of thank you note cards and send them regularly.  I'm even in charge of sending thank you notes to the good folks at our church who provide supper for our kids on Wednesdays.  (Although sometimes I   It's an easy gesture of thanks and appreciation that can sure brighten someone's day and make them feel valued. 

What do you think of thank you notes?  I'm a fan. 

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